Photography: Seeking Solace in Summer Gardens (Post #2)

Your photography is always so beautiful as are your subjects.

Sumyanna Writes

I am revisiting some of the photos I have taken when we went to the local free gardens in our area.  It is a drive, but not that bad (only a half-hour).  I wish it were closer though, because I could seriously live there all day long 🙂  This place is amazing.  For some reason, it just resonates peace.  There are not a lot of people there because it is mainly used for concerts and weddings (etc.).  You see some people here or there, but for the most part, you are alone in your own thoughts.

Every inch of the place is amazing to discover.  It reminds me of the days when I lived up in the mountains as a child.  Every place was something to explore.  I climbed trees.  I laid across the grass and counted clouds and later stars.  I caught and chased fireflies in the night.  Each…

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