A Flower’s Got Beauty, but Have You Ever Seen Her Smile? (Post 1)

Your photos are amazing!

Sumyanna Writes

I know this may sound strange, but I believe flowers have personality.  Some may not be easily seen, but others just sing like no other.  It is evident in their lean, their poise, their and skyward gaze.  I realized this especially while at the gardens this past week.  Strolling among the rows of flowers, I spied one particularly interesting flower.  She spoke to me.  After that, I have tried my best to be more quiet… more intent on seeing their gaze and trying to interpret their stance.

With that, I share with you my own personal view of several flowers I met while invading the silence of their summer garden…

DSCN4455 (2)

Sally cocked her head gently when I greeted her.  She was curious.  No one had bothered to ask her how she was doing before.  What should she say?  And perhaps more importantly, how should she say it?  She stared at…

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