Photography: Seeking Solace in Summer Gardens (Post #1)

Thanks for sharing, these are beautiful!

Sumyanna Writes

Well, we are finally back.  Truth be told… we’ve been back for a week but somehow I could not manage the desire to post.  Somehow, I still needed to dwell in the silence of summer.  I guess school with the kids takes a lot out of me.  To find myself having thoughts again (said with a sly smile) is something I have cherished.

We enjoyed our trip these past two weeks.  We spent our time in Snowmass, Colorado and hiked each and every day, ate our meals and then returned to a path to exercise away dinner 🙂  I can’t imagine what I’d do with myself if I could do that all the time… but I guess that is why it is called a vacation.  On our trip I got to use my camera all too often (I was driving my husband crazy) and my daughter even shared some awesome…

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