Lords of the Underworld: The Darkest Sampler by Gena Showalter

Lords of the Underworld: The Darkest Sampler

The Darkest Night\The Darkest Kiss\The Darkest Pleasure\The Darkest Whisper\The Darkest Passion\The Darkest Lie

by Gena Showalter

This book offer four chapters from the first thirteen books of the authors Lord of the Underworld Series. Each books is about an immortal warrior who has been cursed to share his body with a demon.. These warrior wanting to teach the Gods a lesson stole dimOuniak from Pandora and released a horde of demons on an unsuspecting world. Because the box had gone missing they were unable to recapture any of the demons that had escaped as punishment they were then forced to house a demon inside himself. In the first four chapters of Darkest Night we meet Maddox the warrior who house Violence,. Maddox is cursed to die each night in the same way that he killed Pandora. When we meet Maddox he is getting ready to meet this violent end. However the group that live together in a fortress in Budapest have another issue and that is human hunters who spend a great deal of time trying to kill them. The security system shows that there are people in the woods around the fortress and Maddox is sent to see who it is and send them away or kill them. Instead he finds Ashlyn who is seeking them because she believe they can help her with her own problem.
The Darkest Kiss is where you meet Lucien the demon of Death. He has been told by Cronus to kill the goddess of Anarchy. Because Cronus is not the God in charge after a takeover that placed Zeus and the others in prison Lucien must do what he is told. However there is a little problem and that is that Lucien is in love with Anya the goddess of Anarchy and she loves him. Regardless he must still carry out Cronus’ order to kill her..
In the Darkest Pleasure we meet Reyes and the demon Pain.Reyes must hurt himself to find peace, but it is a peace that last only a short time and then he is back in torment again. Now he has met a human name Danika she is terrified of him but he craves her as much as he craves pain.
Each of the books in this series explore the life of one of the warriors and the demon they house. It looks at their life with their fellow warriors and it introduce the female who can tame both demon and man and bring some peace into their lives.

I have read the entire series except the last book The Darkest Torment and enjoyed each one. Even thought they carry a common theme they are each filled with enough different experiences, places and people that each book is indeed unique.

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