Elliot for Water: Eco savvy search engine brings clean water to those in need

Life & Soul Magazine

Elliot for Water works just like any other search engine yet it also helps provide people in need of drinkable water with exactly that every time you search.

The search engine’s mission is to help bring drinkable water to as many people as possible and to improve the quality of life, while respecting the needs of the local culture and environment.

One fifth of the global population has no access to clean water, leading to death of around 6,000 people per day due to water-related diseases.

Each time a person uses the Elliot for Water search engine, it enables the company to bring safe drinking water to developing countries by allocating its ad revenue to projects such as Solwa Technologies, a start up that works in “green technology” sectors for the environmental sustainability and the protection of natural resources.

Elliot For Water donates 60% of its profits to buy Solwa Technologies, solar energy based…

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