Photography: Evening Stroll in the Gardens (Post #3)

Thanks for sharing , they are beautiful

Sumyanna Writes

I’ve been busy putting the house back together after our work this past week.  The wood floors are complete and we added better brackets and shelves for the basement storage room.  Seriously, I never realized how hard it would be to hang shelves – but the guy at the hardware store sold us the wrong type of nails, even after being told what it was used for.  We finally figured things out and the last few tracks for the shelves were an easier install.  Oh, the joys of taking care of your home!

The floors in the master bedroom look more lovely than all the others.  I’m assuming it is because it is larger than most of the other rooms and has less furniture so you can actually see the floors.  Right now as I’m typing this, I’m sitting on a love-seat overlooking the view of our backyard and the…

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