France – Brittany : Walking to Fort La Latte on GR34

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Fort La Latte is a fortified castle at the East of Cap Fréhel, standing 196ft (60m) on a rock above the sea.The imposing edifice was built in the 14th century, and fortified in the 17th century. Crossing the drawbridge and exploring the crenellations, turrets and dungeons will take you back to the past.

Built by an important Breton family (the Goyon-Matignons) in the 15th century on a promontory at the entrance of the Fresnaye Bay, this Castle was first called Roche Goyon. He belonged to the Grimaldis and knew two major assaults in 1379 and in 1597. The latter destroyed it strongly but yet the 2 drawbridges were saved. This is a remarkable medieval building turned into a fortified castle to protect Saint Malo under the reign of Louis 14th. This pink sandstone lookout used to protect Saint Malo ships from the enemies (English and Dutch). Its military use continued…

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