MOO turns T-shirt scraps into recycled cotton paper business cards

Life & Soul Magazine

T-shirt offcuts are being given a new lease of life as business cards.

Business card designers, MOO, in collaboration with Mohawk Fine Papers, have collected recycled T-shirt scraps and applied old manufacturing techniques of shredding and pulping cotton scraps then rolling them out to make paper. What you get is a durable, textured, bright white paper.

Prior to wood paper’s rise in popularity, cotton was used to produce paper for more than 200 years. Money’s often printed on cotton paper, as well as artworks and manuscripts.

The collaboration between the innovative MOO and Mohawk Fine Papers signals a step towards printing business cards on resources that are kind to the environment.

Mohawk Fine Papers have a track record for being environmentally friendly throughout their business from the production processes right down to the paper they sell.

Mohawk Fine Papers was the first US paper mill to match 100% of its electricity…

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