Washed Up art exhibition explores the world’s relationship with plastic and ocean waste

Life & Soul Magazine

Multimedia artist Alejandro Durán has collected ocean waste “washed up” onto the shores along Mexico’s Caribbean Coast and transformed it into environmental art installations.

Known as Washed Up, the art installations and photography project sees Alejandro Durán working with the plastic waste to create colour-based, site-specific sculptures that reflect the infiltration of plastics into the natural environment.

In some of the installations, Alejandro Durán has distributed the objects the way the waves would. Often the plastic mimics algae, roots, rivers, or fruit.

While the art installations may be colourful and aesthetically pleasing pieces, the message the art conveys is to be conscious of our environment, and to encourage a change in the relationship with the world’s consumption of plastic.

Over the course of the project Alejandro Durán was able to identify plastic waste from 58 nations and territories on six continents that have washed ashore along the coast of Sian Ka’an, Mexico’s largest federally…

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