Photography: The Many Colors of Beauty (Part #2)

Thanks for sharing these beautiful photographs

Sumyanna Writes

Another post from the gardens sometime ago.  We only had an hour or two to spare, but you know me… I had to take my camera.  I just look through these and am amazed at the beautiful colors on display at the gardens.  I mean, I am awed in the moment, standing there and seeing them in real life.  I am also awed much later, looking back at the photos I have taken.  It is just what I need to put a smile on my face… and I do hope it puts one on your face as well 🙂  Here’s wishing you sunshine and cool breezes, wherever you may be.


IMG_9099 (2)

IMG_9128 (2)

IMG_9194 (2)

IMG_9237 (2)

IMG_9250 (2)

IMG_9275 (2)

IMG_9289 (2)

IMG_9314 (2)

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