Photography: Visiting the Butterflies but Taking Pictures of Flowers (Part #1)

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Sumyanna Writes

So we finally went to the Butterfly Pavilion.  I guess it is the amateur photographer in me that did not realize just how dark it was there to take photographs.  I had been to the pavilion, but that was approximately 15 years ago and it was way before I took up the camera.  We’ve been to other butterfly sanctuaries that were more well lit, but here they had beautiful trellises of flowers and huge plants and trees reaching to the ceiling.

So yeah, I went to take pictures of butterflies but most of them did not turn out at all.  Instead, the flower photos came out much nicer.  When I compare my photographs with those of my daughter, it can’t help but make me think.  She is paired well with her camera.  She loves, loves, loves to take photos of images up-close.  It does not matter if it is a…

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