Floating Points takes musical inspiration from the desert for first film, Reflections – Mojave Desert

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Life & Soul Magazine

Electro musician Floating Points’ first in a series of environmental recordings has been documented in a new movie, Reflections – Mojave Desert, chronicling his time recording with his band in the endless expanse of the desert.

Floating Points, aka Sam Shepherd, and his band spent time in the Mojave Desert last August ahead of their US tour.

The short film, Reflections – Mojave Desert, which is directed by Anna Diaz Ortuño, showcases the unique soundscapes captured by the band whilst recording in this unique landscape.

Sam Shepherd said: “While we were out playing and exploring the area around us – the sound reflecting from the rocks, the sound of the wind between them, complete stillness at night and packs of roaming coyotes in the distance, it became apparent that we could use this as its own unique recording environment.”

The Mojave Desert, at more than 25,000 square miles, occupies a significant portion of…

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