Unbroken Ground movie looks at role of food in solving environmental issues

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Unbroken Ground is a documentary movie that explains the role food has to play in our efforts to solve the environmental crisis – focusing on four groups adopting methods that work in harmony with the laws of the land.

The full length film, which can be viewed here, is a Patagonia Provisions production. Unbroken Ground looks at food agriculture, highlighting the work of four food suppliers working on regenerative agriculture, regenerative grazing, diversified crop development and restorative fishing.

What Unbroken Ground ultimately shows is how the solution to solving the environmental crisis through food lies in the wisdom of centuries old traditions of the indigenous peoples and their connection to nature and the land.

Unbroken Ground shows how positive food agriculture can be adopted using simple techniques that do not require the complexities of modern day science to solve, but rather relies on the “laws” of Mother Nature, techniques that have been applied…

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