SolarSoundSystem: Party people use pedal power and solar power to rave

Life & Soul Magazine

SolarSoundSystem are making off-grid parties a renewable reality around the world with its mobile sound systems which use the sun and human muscle power to power their partays.

SolarSoundSystem have created mobile sound systems – including a DJ booth consisting of decks and a powerful sound system that can produce sound for a crowd of between 50 to 500 people – which run exclusively on renewable energy, using solar panels and people pedal power.

The idea is that ravers get on stationary bikes, equipped with generators, and pedal, which provides energy that powers the sound system. Solar panels also help power the DJ booth and sound system.

There are currently SolarSoundSystems operating in Switzerland, France, Spain and Germany. The systems, which can be hired for events, have been used for everything ranging from cocktail parties to festivals and educational events.

SolarSoundSystem includes a collective of artists, engineers, designers and DJs from all over the…

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