Green Escapes: Giethoorn, Netherlands


Life & Soul Magazine

Giethoorn, often cited as the Venice of the North, is an idyllic, magical village in the Netherlands where life is centred around the water.

Located 120km from Amsterdam, Giethoorn offers a unique experience as no cars are allowed in the small village at the centre of the National Park Weerribben-Wieden, for there are no roads.

The waterways or canals are the roads as it were. To get around the serene village’s four-mile stretch of canals and thatched-roof houses, one must either walk, cycle or ride a boat.

Around 2,600 people live in Giethoorn in thatched-roof cottages, dating back to the 18th century. Many of these homes are hidden between the trees and wooden bridges. The inhabitants of these homes are connected by small rivers, a bike path and 176 wooden arch bridges.

The only way to navigate most of the town is by boat. In fact, the postman still delivers mail…

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