César Harada: Developing ocean hardware to help clean up the oceans

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César Harada – a Franco-Japanese environmentalist and entrepreneur – is the inventor of a revolutionary shape shifting sailing robot, Protei, which has the ability to explore and protect the ocean, collecting ocean waste, with open source technologies.

Protei can collect ocean waste including plastic and can deal with oil spills, collecting up to 2 tonnes of spilled oil in any such occurrence. The hull of the Protei boat is flexible, like the scales of a fish, and is perfectly resistant to waves, enabling it to draw power from waves rather than fighting against them.

César Harada says: “The ocean covers more than 70% of our planet surface. The ocean is the main driver of climate change. It is also where all life comes from. Yet we are destroying it. Plastic pollution. Oil spills. Radioactive leakage. Chemicals. Overfishing. We need to develop solutions to invert the negative effect we have on the ocean.

“[With Protei], the goal…

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