Dental Floss: Eco-friendly alternatives

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Natural methods for brushing and cleaning teeth has become commonplace as more people become conscious of the impact their health and beauty choices have on both their own health and the environment.

People are now making their own tooth powders with ingredients found in the kitchen. When it comes to flossing, check out your sewing kit. If you’ve got silk, try flossing in between your teeth with this natural thread instead.

Most mainstream flosses are made from nylon which is non-biodegradable, and coated in a petroleum-based synthetic wax.

Silk, on the other, is a natural and biodegradable thread. For centuries, it has been used as a method for thorough cleaning in between the teeth. Cotton is also a natural biodegradable thread that can be used for flossing.

Next time you floss your teeth, give natural silk or cotton a try. It may take some getting used to as it requires…

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