Photography: Spring Rose Her Weary Head and Sang (Part #6)

Wow beautiful!

Sumyanna Writes

Seriously, right now I am looking at the weather and they are calling for 70% chance of snow.  Oh wow.  I know it has been colder, but snow?!?  I’m hoping they are wrong.  I have to take one kiddo to testing tomorrow and it is a bit of a drive.  Not looking forward to trudging through snow.  The weatherman has been wrong before, so I guess I’ll have to see by morning.  Seeing as we will be out all day testing, I thought I’d share tonight.  Things have been busy and I finally exploded and wrote a few poems today.  I seem to always need to do that at some point and I have been way too quiet 🙂

Here are some beautiful photos from our last trip to the gardens.  Still holding on to hope that we will go soon.  We tried, but things just got too busy.  Enjoy…

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