Climate Change Coloring Book: Making knowledge and awareness accessible to all

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A colouring in book has been chosen as a format to provide information about climate change and the underlying issues, which kids and adults alike can understand and learn from.

The Climate Change Coloring Book, developed by data artist and computer scientist Brian Foo, is an engaging and insightful book of activities, which are drawn from “data and research from authoritative sources” including NASA. These activities illustrate climate change and its effects, in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

Activities in the Climate Change Coloring Book include colouring a year of air pollution in Beijing; filling in the parts of Manhattan that would be eroded by rising sea levels; the task of colouring in 20 football fields in under a minute, which is about how fast the world has been losing global forests for the past 25 years; and tracing the extent of Arctic sea ice 20 years ago and see what was lost…

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