Strook: Street artist embraces reclaimed wood to create wood graffiti murals

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Life & Soul Magazine

Street artist and graphic designer Strook has taken his affinity with reclaimed wood to new found heights with a stunning 30-ft high portrait of a female figure made entirely from the material.

The gigantic mural, which now sits on the side of a high-rise building in Ostend, Belgium, is part of a collection of outdoor art created by various artists for the Crystal Ship Arts Festival, now on display throughout the city of Ostend.

The Belgian artist Stefaan De Croock, who under his street art guise of Strook, sourced the reclaimed wood pieces to create the beautiful silhouette of a short-haired woman, from old homes, studios, boats and even a shipwreck. The artist intuitively worked with the wood’s original colour palette and natural textures to create the piece of art.

It is not the first time that the artist has chosen to work with recycled materials. Strook has used reclaimed…

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