Photography: Spring Rose Her Weary Head and Sang (Part #5)


Sumyanna Writes

Today the sun is shining and the sky stretches blue across the horizon.  Today would probably be a wonderful day to be outdoors and if I can, I just might sneak outside for a bit.  However, we most likely will be stuck indoors making up for yesterday’s day-long excursion for testing.  If there is ever a glitch in our schedule, we have to work harder.  Oh, if I could only go to the gardens!

Today I will try to get the kids out for a walk around the neighborhood.  You never know what you might see.  Trees are starting to show their beautiful green leaves.  Trees that normally hold flowers are in full bloom.  It would be the perfect end to our day.

For now, I will drink my cup of coffee and share with you the amazing view from the gardens.  I am starting to wind down all the…

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