Sustainable tree house living atop Sleeping Beauty mountain in Piedmont, Italy

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Tree house living is a day-to-day lived fairy tale for a group of people who have made the forest atop the Bella Addormentata (Sleeping Beauty) mountain in Piedmont, Italy their humble abode.

Taking sustainable living to the heights of this mountain region in Canavese, a small community have built tree houses from wood and recycled materials.

Given its remote location amidst the mountains, this community of forest dwellers have had to rely on back-to-basic methods of pulleys and ropes and green building techniques to build their tree house homes in the northeast of Piedmont.

The tree houses are located on the tops of chestnut trees, some six to seven metres high, supported by large wooden beams and stilts.

Bridges, stairs and wooden walkways allow the inhabitants to move through their houses without having to touch the ground below.

Living in harmony with nature is integral to this community’s desire to make the forest…

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