Photography: Spring Rose Her Weary Head and Sang (Part #4)

Beautiful, thank you for sharing.

Sumyanna Writes

Today is going to be a day of relaxation.  Okay, I lied.  I’m going to spend the day helping my oldest design her own video game.  At least, if that is relaxing – I don’t see it.  It is fun though, don’t get me wrong.  She is learning the importance of story for her game (which is a good thing).  Fortunately, she also enjoys writing, so that part is pretty easy.  She just often requires prodding.  She has Dyslexia (If I haven’t told you before) and essentially, every step is an uncertain one.  Me, I’m crazy – I try new things and figure if it breaks, I’ll just put it back together and try again.

I’m going to assume that both of us have a place in this world… the careful stepper and the one that can’t help themselves but run with reckless abandon.  From what I have seen, once…

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