Orange Fiber: Turning citrus waste into a sustainable fabric

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Sicily and southern Italy is synonymous with citrus fruits and now it’s about to become synonymous with two natives who have devised a revolutionary and sustainable fabric made from citrus waste, known as Orange Fiber.

Orange Fiber is the brainchild of two Sicilian ladies Adriano Santanocito and Enrica Arena who developed the idea while sharing a flat together in Milan during their studies.

Orange Fiber is a textile made by extracting the cellulose from the fibres that are discarded from the industrial pressing and processing of oranges. The fibre, created using nanotechnology techniques, is also enriched with citrus essential oil. The result is a “vitaminic textile” that nourishes the skin on touch, like a non-greasy body lotion.

Possible uses for the Orange Fiber textile are far and wide – from cosmetic textile, home textile through to fashion textile, including for use in the production of clothes and accessories.

Every year in Italy…

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