Grasshoppers, Butterflies and Flowers, Oh My! (Post #2)

Thank you for sharing your garden

Sumyanna Writes

Today I thought I’d revisit the gardens once again.  This is a different location, held close to the mountains.  They have a bit of a farm with a barn and a few animals.  I was surprised at the amount of rabbits and hares that just openly hopped around.  You almost had to be careful where to step!  I cannot even begin to describe what a beautiful day we had there.  Everything was absolutely lovely.  This was during the end of the summer so it was warm and bright, with a crisp blue sky.

I like to linger there in my memory on colder days, which makes taking these photographs especially meaningful for me.  Fortunately, today proves to be a warmer day.  We just bought my son a tag-a-long bike to attach to my bike and we are hoping to try it out this afternoon.  He is incredibly excited, to say…

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