Solar World Cinema: Solar powered mobile cinemas bringing “unseen films to unusual places”

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Solar World Cinema is aiming to raise awareness of switching to renewable energies while bringing unseen films to unusual places through its international network of solar powered mobile cinemas.

Local mobile cinemas are transported via vans that have solar panels on their roof. They travel everywhere and are completely self-sufficient.

The photovoltaic system captures sunlight during the day and this is transformed into projection light at night. The solar system produces enough energy for 10 hours of film screening. No additional energy source is needed.

After sunset open-air film screenings are organised in any public space be it a square, park or beach, as the solar cinema unfolds easily into an outdoor cinema.

Solar World Cinema started life in the Netherlands where the Solar Cinema would visit local parks taking unseen films to locals. It was at these gatheringS that neighbours who had never met nor spoken before would gather…

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