Wild Strawberry Leaf Tea

Great info, thanks for sharing. I have wild strawberries growing in my yard so will give this tea a try when they come up this spring.

Harebell & Betony

The wild strawberry looks like a small version of the strawberry plants most people are familiar with. They grow in dry, grassy places and in open woodlands. They spread from root runners and have the same delicate white five pointed flower which develops into a scarlet berry.  They are a wonderfully pretty little plant to have in any garden, and if you find the right spot for them, they will happily pop up year after year, moving from place to place. Wild strawberries need the very cold temperatures in winter so don’t be tempted to look after them too much. They are beginning to appear all over my garden now with fresh new leaves.

Traditionally they have been used to remove stains from teeth and to ease sunburnt skin. The leaves and fruit were used for dysentery and fevers. They were also used as a gargle for sore throats and…

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