Photography: Spring Rose Her Weary Head, and Sang (Part #1)

Beautiful Visions of Spring.

Sumyanna Writes

I am absolutely thrilled to finally have a break from school.  Today, we even broke out of form and just relaxed.  We took things slower.  It was rather nice.  Yesterday, we went to the gardens.  I cannot say how awed I am at her beauty.  I just hope it doesn’t snow (I’ve been told it might snow this weekend).  In that case, I hope the snow is gentle on the bit of growth we have seen.  I seriously worry when we have bad weather and I know the small plants are trying to struggle through.  I guess it may be seen as odd, but I really do.

I have to tell you right now, I saw spring awaken.  I found her on every tree and every nook and cranny of the gardens.  Although she was singing softly, it was definitely a beautiful tune!  I hope you enjoy the images.  There…

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