Because I Don’t Have a Photographic Memory (Part #27)

Thanks you for sharing these beautiful flowers.

Sumyanna Writes

We went up to the mountains yesterday and I captured some beautiful images.  The sky was a brilliant blue and gorgeous clouds swept across the sky.  We even found some flowers blooming and tree buds starting to appear.  In one location, we found a dogwood tree with lovely flowers.  Oh, my heart skipped a beat!

I had been checking my photos on the camera on the way home, but when I put the card into my computer – all images were lost.  So, I guess you will have to take my word for it – it was beautiful!  Hoping to go to the gardens this week, so perhaps I will be able to capture some lovely images there.  I will keep you posted 🙂

IMG_1743 (2)

IMG_1759 (2)

IMG_1816 (2)

IMG_1818 (2)

IMG_1822 (2)

IMG_1905 (2)

IMG_1909 (2)

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