RiverBlue: Can fashion save the planet?

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Documentary film RiverBlue is putting the iconic fashion item of blue jeans under the spotlight to unveil its contribution to the destruction of the world’s rivers and its effect on humanity.

Through harsh chemical manufacturing processes and the irresponsible disposal of toxic chemical waste, RiverBlue brings to light the impact that the manufacturing clothing has on rivers, and the impact its had on people who count on the waterways for survival.

While RiverBlue highlights the effect fashion is having on the environment, the movie also serves to bring about transformation by demanding change in the textile industry from “top fashion brands that can make a difference”.

River activist Mark Angelo, who journeys across some of the world’s rivers to examine the ecological footprint caused by the production of blue jeans in RiverBlue, said: “Of all the sectors that are out there, this [textiles and fashion] industry is a particular sector where…

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