Using Leftovers — Research

Loved the visit and am just a teeny bit intrigued about what could happen when the Delta Pearl cross a state line. Hoping to find out in the future.

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Welcome back everyone.  I’m happy to see you.

Today let’s discuss leftovers.  How do you (or could you) use leftovers in any of your creative pursuits?  Yes, it could be leftover food — and even better if you post a recipe about it!  However, I mean leftovers in a much broader sense.  Apply it to any craft or process or activity you choose.

Leftover Research — Blue John

3-things-cover_3-2016My editor brain often serves me leftovers — leftover research.  There have been more than a couple of times when I get so intrigued by a research topic that it comes back, not yet finished with me.  One was the mythology I found while researching The Dead of Winter.  (You can find a few old posts about that epic nestled away in this blog.)  Myths from ancient Wales had little part in that novel, if any.  However the leftover research…

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2 responses to “Using Leftovers — Research

  1. Thank you for reblogging, Dyanna!
    I always hope to finish this (and all my other works in progress 🙄 and soon… But the creativity drain from Mordor doesn’t stop at my real job. I still think about them though.
    Haha… one must have something to cause a bit of chaos in a story. Though I’m at a loss to explain how I came up with lines of demarcation causing the insanity. I’m just not wired right — I freely admit it. 😀 Mega hugs and happy weekend.

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