Light your Incense and be still….

Thank you for sharing, I like the scent of sandalwood and rose together. I go through lots of incense because I enjoy the change in energy it brings to the space.

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Lighting incense calms me on a different level. When my house feels chaotic, when I’m cleaning, when I do yoga, when I need to meditate, before ritual/prayer, bathing the smell and feel of incense is natural and calming. Sometimes we forget how simple it is to be in the moment. For me lighting incense brings me back to nature.

During the winter months, when nature is covered in a blanket of snow and I am unable to feel the sun warm my skin, I light my incense. I stare at the essence at its swirls upward and forms visions as if trying to communicate with me. I welcome the scent as the aroma takes over the space. I close my eyes and get lost in the moment.

As I write this, I have sandlewood burning. My 7yr old and 1 yr old sons have quietly left their spots from in…

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