Photography: When Birds Return, Calling (Post #3)

Thank you for sharing these are beautiful.

Sumyanna Writes

The birds have been rather active these few days.  I’m still trying to learn the ins and outs of the new camera, but have been fortunate mostly with the view.  Lots of visitors have come to the bird feeder and sometimes the resulting photographs can surprise you!  Hope you enjoy…

This guy has been showing up every morning.  Most of the birds take one peanut and fly off.  Not him, he’s special.  He actually shoves one peanut down his throat and then grabs another with his beak.  Here, you see him with one peanut stuffed in his mouth.  He grabs another before taking off…



Coming in for a landing…img_0349-2

Showdown!  If you look carefully in the background, the Blue Jay has come in to claim his turf.  The other smaller birds often fly in when they are taking the nuts back to their nest.  This one got caught…


Some new…

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