Around the World in 80 Eco Spas: Fivelements, Indonesia

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Life & Soul Magazine

Life & Soul Magazine’s Travel Guide on Eco Spas will whet your appetite for a vacation that brings healing to holidaymakers in accommodations that work in harmony with the planet. 

1. Fivelements, Bali, Indonesia

Built on sacred grounds along the banks of the Ayung River, Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa, Bali is a healing and wellness destination deeply rooted in the philosophies and traditions of Bali, nurturing harmony among spirit, human and nature. Designed by Balinese architect Ketut Arthana with these principles in mind, this eco spa has been constructed using primarily renewable materials, mainly bamboo, like that of a traditional Balinese village.

fivelements spa bali

What you get is an idyllic, luxurious eco living space that is in harmony with its surroundings. With just seven villas, each boasting private balconies with extensive views of the surrounding lush greenery, this lavish five-star hotel is ideally suited for those looking for the ultimate relaxing retreat. With decent-sized villas, Fivelements is…

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