Photography: When Birds Return, Calling (Post #2)

I have blue jays, woodpeckers, and squirrels at my feeders too but I am not calling for spring just yet. Thank you for sharing your photography it looks like it should be on a greeting card. It is very nice.

Sumyanna Writes

As I mentioned the other day, we may have witnessed signs of an early Spring.  I say that, and you know – it then snows in April.  Always on your toes, I say!  Despite the freezing temperatures, my attention was drawn to the neighbors yard were I could hear Blue Jays cawing (for lack of a better word).  Usually that means one thing – they have claimed ownership of the bird feeder and are now warning everyone nearby to shove off.

Sure enough, I look outside and see an adorable baby squirrel (who is new to the neighborhood) sitting on the fence near the feeder.  Here’s a picture of the cute little guy:


Essentially – he is no dummy.  He knows the birds raid the feeder, which is stock-full of peanuts.  As soon as they drop one, he is going to pick it up and run!  What was funny was…

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