Beyond Internal Hypocrisy…

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There is an impeccability in true mindfulness.  Real mindfulness goes beyond hollow and empty ideals and stale mental blueprints.  It occurs when the mind is learning, as self-realization, (honestly) from moment to moment with what is actually taking place (without extraneous fabrications).  Then there are no ideals about “becoming better” in the future.  “Becoming better” in the future, psychologically, is usually a form of fraud, a form of deception.  Society accepts this as being normal… with one saying such things as, “I’m working on being a nicer person.”  Mental obtrusions about the future allow, in the psychological realm, cheating and duplicity to go on (consciously or unconsciously).  The future (psychologically) can be a fantasy.  One can easily fantasize anything, especially to be a better (ideal) person (while, in the present, a different reality continues to take place altogether). 

Hypocrisy, internally, of the mind to itself, is very easy.  To really learn, with integrity, is…

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