Because I Don’t Have a Photographic Memory (Part #8)

More great photos

Sumyanna Writes

Last year we had an early snow. Leaves were still hanging on trees and the grass was still green. This happens sometimes here, where two seasons intersect. There is a beauty in it – you cannot imagine how pretty the leaves on the trees look against the white landscape. There is also something magical about seeing green grass peek through a field of snow.

The one nice thing about a day like this is that it snows, but then it quickly warms up. The snow does not stay for long. We went out in the morning to take these shots and by the time we returned, almost all of it had already melted. It only looked like it had rained. I hope you enjoy these images…

If you do enjoy them, last year I also shared photos from our return trip of the kids jumping in puddles.  Let’s chalk…

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