Wine Tasting in Castello di Poppiano

beautiful views thank you for sharing.


Castello di Poppiano is perched on the cascading hills of Tuscany. Only a short drive from Florence, it is located in Montespertoli and belongs to the Guicciardini family. A very powerful name in Tuscany, Guicciardini housed many Florentine masterpieces in this castle during the difficult times of World War II.

dsc00844 A beautiful day at Castello di Poppiano


dsc00873 Spot the Pool!


dsc00899 Castello di Poppiano from afar

Poppiano is not very big but perfect for a day to just relax and enjoy wine or go for a bike ride in the Tuscan hills. The castle has a production of olive oil and wine going on since the 15th century. There were also several varieties to taste and purchase in a shop at the entrance. Make sure you climb the tower of the castle and pass through old barrels of wine stored in the cellar to see those lush green views!


edd1c-euro201325285132529 Salute!

bcf70-euro2013497 Beautiful isn’t it?


I would recommend visiting this quaint…

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