In Chocolate Heaven at Antica Dolceria Bonajuto

Must share, two of my favorite things Italy and chocolate it can not get better than that.


One of the reasons of visiting Modica for me was its chocolate. It is renowned for its chocolate all over the world and has numerous chocolate shops in the town. Modica is a paradise for chocolate lovers and worthy of every attention. Chocolate cannoli, pastries, different flavor bars, chocolate drinks, coffee and chocolate.. you name it!

One of the most famous institutions of chocolate in Modica is Antica Dolceria Bonajuto. I visited it during a cool spring evening, excited to pile up my stock of chocolates for home. The Bonajuto family is providing chocolate lovers like me with high quality products since the 1880s. Their shop constitutes chocolates and their products made traditionally similar to the way the Aztecs, an ancient civilization of Mexico. Commendable isn’t it? The process is very meticulous and thorough.

dsc06327 Enter the chocolate heaven with me!


dsc06331 The shop


dsc06333 Range of flavors to try


A bar of chocolate from…

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