Many of us value rather cadaverous things…

I am happy to see some of the things that resonate with me so beautifully articulated

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Many of us value rather cadaverous things.  So many value fancy possessions and excessively large houses that they are fond of showing off to others.   It is likely, however, that the intrinsic intelligence of the vast universe doesn’t give a rat’s behind about fancy possessions and elaborate, ostentatious houses.  Real value is in what is free… like integrity, compassion, and pristine, uncorrupt perception.  However, so many of us were miseducated to neglect those “deep and profound” things and, instead, were taught to chase after rather superficial things that must be “earned and acquired over time.”  (They are valuable-garbage-things; in other words, they are “valuable,” but they are — if you are of deep perception — essentially worthless garbage.)  Aspects of the real beauty of integrity, compassion, and uncorrupt perception are that they are beyond the greedy clutches of grasping and “earning” and so are (in a big way) beyond time…

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