Herb Spotlight: Tea Tree for Everything

Great Info on one of my go to essential oils.

Almost every home made disinfectant that I make includes tea tree oil, probably because it is a natural antiseptic and anti bacterial. The plant derives from Australia where Aboriginals were seen making tea out of the leaves and sailors followed suit to prevent scurvy. I like to burn it in my diffuser when we’ve been sick or whenever things just don’t feel clean in my home. I really became acquainted with tea tree after our last little kitten rescue brought ringworm into our house. None of the store bought creams were working and I was so frustrated. Tea tree took it out in 2 days, amazing. This is a great oil for anyone with pets or kids to have around the house, and it can do even more than get rid of ringworm. It is only applied topically and used in aromatherapy.

Scientific Name: Melaleuca alternifolia

Magickal Stats: Ruled by Mercury…

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