Magick of Everday Things

Magick of Everday Things



What does a glass of orange Juice, a garment with a bit of purple in it, [scarf, tie, blouse, etc.], cinnamon toast, and a cup of coffee have in common?  They all have an element of magick that can be used easily as you go about preparing for your day.

Orange brings health and the blessings of the sun into your life. Juice brings rejuvenation, vitality and energy. Starting your day with a glass of orange juice is not just healthy for you but it can bring magick into your day too.

A Little Spell to invoke the help of the sun. Pour your glass of orange juice, then face the East and raise your glass in salute and say: I greet you morning Sun, O bright and shining one.  Take a sip of your juice and then say:  As you travel on your way, bring success to all I do today. Thank you, so mote it be, I know that this is done for me. Finish your glass of juice and get on with your day. You have ask the sun to cast a bit of magick your way



The touch of purple, well that is to help you gain the respect of others, perfect for meeting the new client that you must wow. It is excellent too if you are going on a job interview or having your yearly review. It is the perfect color to add when you need respect to accomplish your goals.

Cinnamon Toast and Coffee, other than be a yummy breakfast they can add some quick magick to your day as well. Cinnamon can be used to stimulate creativity and attract success.  Coffee of course is for mental alertness, awareness and an energy boost.

Don’t forget snacking on a handful of nuts are healthy for you they can also attract prosperity, money [cashews], Walnuts [mental alertness], Pecans [Money, good luck and employment].

Magick is always just as close as your fingertips magick can be found in many things and almost any place you are.