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cardboard mulch

In the garden, don’t be concerned with having perfectly straight rows. To fill in empty areas in a row, consider planting bush beans, garlic, onions, or marigolds. Marigolds and garlic provide color and also deter pests and insects.

Label all plants growing in containers or in the gardens. It’s easy to forget what was planted and where. Plus, you’ll want to keep track of all the varieties you’re planting. Recycle plastic forks and turn them into labels. Write on the fork handle in permanent marker and insert the teeth into the soil.

Re-purpose cardboard. Use it as a mulch to deter weeds, or if you have a box that’s sturdy enough, you can fill it with potting soil and grow potatoes or tomatoes in it!  At the end of the season, the box can go into the compost pile — or be reused as a weed barrier.

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