Chapter 12 – Justice


Lima rocked up to work a little later than normal. She called into let Estrellar know that she was running late. Of course, Estrellar knew she was either nursing a hangover, had a long night of passion with her beloved or both. Both would turn out to be the case.


Lima and Leo had checked into a nearby hotel to continue their lovefest after Paradise. Neither of them had their own place, so decided to carry on their night of loving at a Holiday Inn. They could have been anywhere – it didn’t really matter – as far as the souls were concerned, they didn’t want to leave each other’s sides. It turned into a steamy night of physical and sensual passion – a merging of the two halves of one soul. To say they couldn’t take their hands off of each other would be an understatement, and by the time the pair crashed, it was around four in the morning. Neither Leo or Lima could sleep, but the pair spooned until it was time for Leo to make his way to work for his 7am shift. He reluctantly left his beloved who managed to eventually fall asleep after he left until 8.30am. Lima woke realising she best call Estrellar as it was unlikely she would make it to work for a prompt 9am start. Estrellar was smiling when she received Lima’s call. “Take your time,” Estrellar told Lima. “Marcos and I have this.”


Lima jumped into the shower. She knew Estrellar would at some point ask her about her time with Leo. Estrellar had even helped Lima pull together her outfit. Lima bought the dress she wore from Brazilian Emporium with her staff discount. After Leo had agreed to go on a date with her, Lima returned to the shop and Estrellar picked out the dress for her. The jewellery and belt were on loan from the store. She wasn’t too worried about Estrellar though. Lima knew she wouldn’t quiz her, but Marcos, on the other hand, would be having a field day.


After a short walk into work, Lima arrived at Brazilian Emporium to a cheer by her colleagues. Estrellar couldn’t contain the look of pride on her face. Marcos decided to follow Lima around the store like a gnat, making lewd gestures by making a circle with his thumb and forefinger around his mouth and sticking his tongue in and out.


“Hey Lima,” Marcos yelled. “Same clothes as last night. I hope you changed your panties?”


“Marcos,” yelled his mother. “Don’t be so crude. Go and make yourself busy and unload the boxes from the delivery.”


“Actually Marcos,” Lima yelled, as she started to walk down the stairs to the stock room. “I’m not wearing panties.”


“You dirty whore,” screeched Marcos.


“Marcooos,” yelled Estrellar again, slapping him on his back with the morning’s Metro newspaper, which she had picked up on her journey in to work. “Mai mai,” he screamed, running around the small store flapping his arms like wings.


“Don’t be such a drama queen,” Estrellar shouted wearily. Her son could be a pain in the butt at times. In Estrellar’s eyes, he hadn’t grown out of his terrible twos stage.


Lima had gone downstairs in the time that Marcos and his mum were having words. She quickly changed out of her dress and into the clothes she wore the previous day. When she came up, Marcos was still babbling on about “Lima’s panties”.


Lima thumped him with the Metro, and then Estrellar ordered him to go fetch them some coffees.


With Marcos out of the way and no sign of any customers just yet, Estrellar took the opportunity to have a “mother-daughter” chat. “So,” said Estrellar. “You good?”


“Yes,” thanks Estrellar. “I’m good and I had a lovely time last night.”


“Good, I’m glad,” said Estrellar. “Now go and do some work,” she said, slapping Lima on the butt with the newspaper.


“Yes mai,” said Lima. Lima kept thinking about the night before and what happened between her and Leo, not to the liking of her inner being. Her inner being is always in the moment, never in the past or future, but in the now.


While Lima was off daydreaming, Lima’s inner being was attempting to get her attention by any means necessary. Lima kept tripping in the store. It was her inner being’s way of getting Lima to focus on her. When she was not living in the moment, Lima, like many people would follow her monkey mind, otherwise known as the conscious mind.


Estrellar was more than aware of Lima’s inability to focus, given the amount of times she had seen Lima trip up that morning.


By lunchtime, Lima was starting to get a little tetchy. She had sent Leo a text message when she had got to work, and by 1.30pm, he hadn’t replied. Rather unwisely she started to put on a “thinking cap” on and was putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 2089. In other words, random crap. It was always random crap whenever Lima waltzed off from the here and now. None of which belonged to her inner being. When she wasn’t paying attention, Lima would run off with the random thoughts, etc until “boof” she’d get smacked right in the face, fall on her ass and it would be left for her inner being to salvage the pieces and start over again.


Estrellar was giving a reading to a client while Lima served the lunchtime crowd at the cash desk. Marcos was helping a customer on the shop floor while a less than pleasant customer waited impatiently in the queue, moaning to someone on her mobile phone about “how poor the service was at Brazilian Emporium”. Marcos could hear her and swore under his breath in Brazilian Portuguese.


Five minutes later, Lima got to serving the disgruntled customer. The blonde, curly haired woman, in her late 30s, was dressed in a black suit, stiletto heels and a cerise-coloured shirt. She carried with her a tan-colored Mulberry Birkin bag, which she flaunted like it was a sign of her wealth. The customer had her nose in the air quite literally when she spoke with Lima. She wanted to return a dress which she purchased from the store the previous week and was demanding a full refund. It was the same dress that Lima wore on her date with Leo. There was a rip at the seam by the slit on the left side of the leg. Lima examined the dress. Lima had acute senses thanks to her inner being. The dress reeked of perfume which Lima could tell was heavily sprayed on to disguise the smell of body sweat. Given that the dress was made from a jersey material, it had already taken on the body form of the wearer, with the material slightly stretched in the places of the knees.


The customer had told Lima that she had not worn it and that she wanted her money back. Lima feeling slightly tired and frayed was not having it. “I’m sorry,” she said. “But it has been worn and it smells of perfume.”


“What are you saying?” asked the customer. “It smelt of perfume when I bought it.”


“No,” said Lima. “Our clothes are right out of the packaging. They do not smell of perfume.”


“Are you calling me a liar?” retorted the customer. “I’m a lawyer. I know my statutory rights and I want my money back, all of it.”


“Lawyer you may be,” said Lima. “But I know this dress has been worn. I can’t give you all of the money back for this. I have to speak with my manager.”


Lima interrupted Estrellar who was in the middle of giving a psychic reading. Estrellar told Lima to tell the customer to wait while she explained to her client that she needed to be excused for a moment. When Lima told the customer she would have to wait, she started to throw a tantrum. “I don’t have time to wait,” she said. “I have an important case that I have to get back to. I already had to wait five minutes in the queue because you were so slow serving.”


The woman was causing a scene on the shop floor and Marcos, who had now returned to the cash desk, commanded her to “shush”. “Don’t shush me,” said the irate customer.


Lima riled at this point, said: “OK, that’s enough.”


“Either wait or here…” Lima said shoving the dress in the customer’s torso. “Take this dress and go.”


Lima had walked back to the cash desk while Estrellar walked over to the customer. The customer kicked off at Estrellar. Estrellar examined the dress and said the same thing as Lima, that it had been worn and smelt of perfume. Truthfully, Estrellar could see the night out that the customer had had in that dress, just by coming into contact with it and the wearer. The customer who had been off her face at a work function, had been doing cocaine in the toilets. Her colleague had racked up lines on the back of the toilet seat. As the lawyer had bent down to snort a line, she ripped the dress at the seam where the slit was.


Estrellar told the woman she would be willing to give her a credit note up to half the value of the dress. The customer was outraged at Estrellar’s suggestion and said she was going to write a bad review about Brazilian Emporium and the service and put it on the internet. “Bad reviews do me no harm,” Estrellar calmly replied. Fuming at Estrellar’s response, the customer threw the dress at her and said: “screw you and your dress”.


Estrellar walked back to her client at the “psychic table”, as it had come to be known as, and continued with her reading. Marcos gossiped at the counter with his customer about “how rude that lawyer was”. Meanwhile, Lima had a face of thunder as she helped Marcos with the packing of his customer’s goods.


The lunchtime rush was done by 2.30pm and Estrellar had finished with her client. She told Lima to go for her lunch break, giving her £15, and asking her to bring back sandwiches and “sweet treats” for herself, Marcos and Estrellar. Estrellar said to Lima that they would have a chat when she came back.


Lima went to Pret A Manger picking up three BLT sandwiches for her and the work crew. She got to the counter where she picked up a Chocolate Brownie for Marcos. She was undecided on what to get for herself and then saw the Love Bar – a delicious combination of oats, caramel and chocolate – it was one of her favourites. She grabbed two of them – one for her and another for Estrellar. By the time she got out of Pret A Manger, Lima’s thoughts were transfixed by love owing to the Love Bar that she was awing after. The thought led her to Citizens of Coffee to check in on Leo. But he wasn’t there. Tarik had a quick chat with Lima. “Can I get you anything, darlin’?” he said.


“Umm a cappuccino please,” she replied. “Is Leo around?”


“You missed him,” Tarik explained. “He was on about going to see a man about a motor kind of ting.” Leo had actually gone to speak to Mr Parker in person to accept his job offer. If Lima hadn’t been flitting in and out of the present, she would have had that awareness from her higher mind, and that she would do best to go back to work instead of following her monkey mind. But Lima was everywhere but in the present moment.


She left Citizens of Coffee almost forgetting to pick up her cappuccino. Tarik had to shout out after her. “Yo Lima,” he said. “Don’t forget your drink.”


“Oh thanks,” she said wandering back from the door to pick up her cappuccino.


Making her way back to Brazilian Emporium, Lima daydreamed about the Love Bar and how she was going to devour it when she got back to work. Her monkey mind was always ravenous, while the truth of it was her body was not always hungry. Right now Lima’s body would have been satisfied with an avocado and a cup of coffee, had she been listening to her higher mind. But the Love Bar had her in a mindless spin of drivel and dribble too it appeared.


Estrellar was sat at her psychic table, and asked Lim a to take a pew. Marcos was prattling on to a customer about her nails, whilst comparing her long talons to his buffed nails. Estrellar was convinced Marcos should have been born a girl. In fact, when she was pregnant, she believed she was having a girl. It wasn’t that her psychic radar wasn’t working at the time, just that she felt a very strong feminine energy. She gave birth to a boy and a very pretty boy at that. Marcos had big brown eyes and floppy blonde hair as a little boy. Many people would mistake him for a girl, until he had past his toddler years. People in passing would melt at the sight of Marcos and say “what a wonderful and beautiful girl”. The occurrence of people saying that to Estrellar was so regular at one point, that she would no longer correct them.


Marcos grew out of the blonde hair and it turned into a light brown colour. The girls would chase him at school in the playground. Marcos would run in the opposite direction, waving his arms, looking for some boys to play with instead. He hadn’t changed much since those days – he was still flapping his wings and chasing boys.


In spite of his crude ways, Marcos was an angel. His presence alone would light up any space or crowd, and Estrellar was trying to teach her son to hone his powers. But at 23, Estrellar felt she still had a little more time to work on him. Firstly albeit slowly she was trying to rid him of the amateur dramatics in the run up to his period of “enlightenment”, just to make his acceptance and acknowledgment of his true self easier for him to understand, to get it and to just be at ease with it. But first, she had work to do on Lima, as this was Lima’s time now.


Lima took a seat at the psychic table with Estrellar. “So,” said Estrellar. “Want to tell me what’s got your goat up?”


“Hmphh,” said a disgruntled Lima. “That customer…”


“No,” said Estrellar. “Tell me what’s really going on, because right about now, you’ve got a whole lot of pent up energy flowing through you and around you that don’t belong to your true self, missy.”


“That woman was rude,” said Lima.


“Lima, you are not answering my question?” said Estrellar. “And bring yourself to the now please?”


“What do you mean?” said Lima.


“Exactly what I told you,” said Estrellar. “Bring yourself into the now. Not what happened an hour ago, and not what happened with you and Leo. Breathe, focus on the now. That’s it.”


“What do you mean about what happened with me and Leo?” said Lima.


“Lima,” said Estrellar, raising her voice. “Just do it. Now, please. It’s not difficult to bring yourself to the present. Focus”


Lima took a few deep breaths, as she put her sandwich back on to the table, and became present.


“Thank you,” said Estrellar. “Now I’m going to tell you, there isn’t one moment in your life that is worth taking yourself out of the present moment ok?”


“I have told you before Lima,” Estrellar continued. “Your true self exists in the present moment. How can you be guided by your higher mind and true self, when you are here, there and everywhere, except the moment? You have to walk through life moment by moment. Not worrying about when Leo’s going to call you or text you.”


“Hmmm,” said Lima. “There’s nothing you don’t know Aunt Estrellar.”


“So why are you wasting time thinking?” she said. “Why the heck are you concerned about what Leo’s doing, when you have the connection to his soul 24/7? Why wait on a text message, when you have his soul right there with you at all times who’s more than happy to answer your questions anytime of day? Hmmm!”


“I’ve told you this before,” Estrellar said. “When you meet your twin soul in the physical, it’s not the physical form that you chase. The physical form is the vessel through which his soul manifests. So bit pointless running down a vessel, when it’s the soul running things. You go to his soul with everything. But first and foremost, Lima, you’ve got to be your soul at all times to have your twin soul relationship. He mirrors you. So if you are everywhere but the now, you are dragging him into the past and present with you.”


“You have to be your true self. How do you do that? By being in the moment and only taking guidance from your true self and your higher mind. Use your intuition, Lima,” Estrellar continued.


Lima looked down at her sandwich. She knew exactly what Estrellar was talking about. She’d been walking Lima through the process long before Lima had even met her twin soul in the physical. Lima was still coming to terms with the fact that she was psychic and Estrellar had been trying to bring her to that awareness since she gave her that initial nudge five years ago. None of what Estrellar was saying was anything new. She just wanted Lima to be aware and take action.


“When you sent him the text message…” Estrellar said, pausing to take a bite of her sandwich. She ate mindfully before proceeding to continue her chat with Lima. “Was it your inner being guiding you to do that? Or that monkey mind of yours running rampant about a night of hot sex? Hmm!”


Lima giggled. Nothing pulled the wool over Aunt Estrellar’s eyes. Heck no! Her perception was sharp, laser sharp in fact. “Yep, you’re right,” said Lima. “It wasn’t my inner voice. I was being guided by the giddiness.”


“So you left that place of inner peace to be faced off with inner turmoil instead, thanks to a restless monkey mind?” Estrellar asked.


“Yes,” said Lima.


“And had you been aware of your true self,” said Estrellar. “The dalliance with that lawyer would have been different.”


“Yup,” replied Lima.


“Just be mindful Lima,” Estrellar continued. “It’s not difficult to be your true self, and be with her at all times moment to moment. If something doesn’t belong to her, you don’t do it.”


“Look what happened today,” she said. “You texting your twin soul, guided not by your true self and higher mind, but monkey mind. What does that bring to the table? Nothing. He doesn’t reply because you’ve been carrying on with the monkey doing some chimpanzee dance with it about ‘When’s he going to text? When’s he going to call? Why’s he ignoring me?’ and in the meantime, he’s getting hit by that chaotic energy you’re bringing to the table just by your thoughts, making it near damn impossible for him to get in touch with you.”


“If I wasn’t aware of my true self when I met Ulisses, the relationship would have made the stuff of car crash telly, know what I mean?” Estrellar said.


“Yes,” Lima said as she sipped on her cappuccino.


“It would have been like both of us riding bumper cars. Only Ulisses being chained to my bumper car and each time I hit something, he would go flying,” Estrellar said. “There would have been nothing to show for our twin soul relationship except for bumps and bruises. But truly there’s nothing more important than the relationship with your own soul. Without it, you have no twin soul relationship, Lima.”


“I see,” said Lima.


“See…what I’m trying to say to you Lima is this? Be your true self. Work with your true self and your higher mind. And only take directions from your higher mind and your true self,” Estrellar added. “Life is much simpler that way, and it’s a lot smoother. It means you can have the life you were born to have. That which is your birthright. Being guided by your higher mind and true self, you will see, saves your bacon at all times. So trust in your true self and just be.”


Lima finished off her sandwich and returned to the cash desk. She passed the rest of her day being mindful of everything she was doing, ignoring anything that came up, such as thoughts, that didn’t belong to her true self. Just living in the moment.


During a quiet moment at the store, she sat down at Estrellar’s psychic table. Whilst sat there she communicated with her higher mind and true self and became aware that Leo had gone to visit Mr Parker to accept his job offer in person earlier. Leo’s soul also informed her that after receiving her text message, Leo became inundated at work, and had almost come to blows with Graham later that morning for coming back from his mid-morning break five minutes late. He had in fact fallen asleep in the small broom cupboard of a staff room. It was all part of the chaotic energy that had escalated following Lima’s dalliance with the monkey mind and her inability to stay present. Leo was getting hit by chaos. Wherever there is chaos, there is order. And wherever there is order, there is chaos. Just like the scales of justice, Lima became aware of. Being present in the moment with her true self and higher mind was key to Lima maintaining the balance.


All characters and events in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Twins At Work are a writing duo. ‘Tarot Tales: The Mirror’ is their latest book. 


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