Top 5 Favorite Uses for Essential Oils

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Slowly my arsenal of essential oils is growing and I’m continuing to learn that they can almost do anything if manipulated correctly. I’ve even cooked some amazing orange chicken using my sweet orange oil when I ran out of citrus fruit at the house. This list shows the 5 most useful ways that I have brought essential oils into my home. Let me know how you use your essential oil kit in the comments!

  • Vaporizing to Clean the Air

There are a couple types of essential oil diffusers on the market. Some plug into the wall and are run electronically, my soapstone diffuser is operated by a tea light. All of them require water and essential oils and they vaporize the chosen aromas into the room. The benefits of the vapors depends on the type of essential oils used. Use tea tree to clean the air of the house, lavender to help you…

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One response to “Top 5 Favorite Uses for Essential Oils

  1. Essential oils have helped me with my painful eczema problems. They are almost non existent when using my essential oil regiment.


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