From the Herb Basket – 26

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Beautiful basil — it’s packed with calcium, magnesium and vitamin C. These work together to help lower blood pressure and reduce stress. Basil is also rich in vitamin K, which boosts circulation and keeps arteries clear. Use fresh basil if possible in teas, pasta dishes, salads, or for making a wonderful pesto with oil and nuts. In addition to the familiar sweet Italian basil, consider adding a different variety of basil to new recipes. Lemon basil goes well with seafood, and Thai basil is delicious with Asian dishes. Be creative !

Place a whole cinnamon stick between the screen and window to deter ants from coming in through open windows. You can also sprinkle a little ground cinnamon if you prefer to use it instead of the cinnamon stick. Try rolling a bay leaf in ground cinnamon and placing it between the window and the screen or storm window. Natural…

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