Herb Spotlight: Coriander for Lower Cholesterol

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I became immediately intrigued by this spice when I realized that it is just cilantro masquerading with a different name; they are one in the same. After watching the Great British Baking Challenge I noticed that quite a few bakers messed around with coriander in biscuits or buns. I was really curious what else there was to this little herb that I hadn’t found out yet. In reading my books that I generally turn to for herbal work, all that came up was that coriander helps with mercury poisoning. This is when I turned to the internet. I found out that coriander has massive benefits including lowering cholesterol, relieving inflammation and even helping aide the symptoms of anemia. Making your food your medicine seems to start with coriander.

Breakdown of Coriander

Scientific Name: Coriandrum sativum [aka: cilantro, chinese parsley, dhania]

Magickal Stats: Elementally Fire, Ruled by Mars

Improves Function Of:

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