30 Things That Changed When I Took An Unplugged Day Every Week

Cauldrons and Cupcakes

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“My imagination functions much better when I don’t have to speak to people.”
~ Patricia Highsmith

In January this year I made an important decision. I have a life where I am almost always on call. Always connected and reachable. Always busy. Even though I work for myself and love my work, and I certainly don’t work every hour of every day, I had reached a point where I was doing some kind of work every day.

So this year I decided to make a change and designated Sunday as my unplugged day.

I made some simple rules for this unplugged day:

  • no work
  • no blogging
  • not even a skerrick of work
  • no social media
  • no checking emails
  • no checking my phone
  • no surfing the net
  • no games on my phone or tablet
  • no saying yes to invitations out of duty or obligation
  • no answering my cell phone (only family, close friends…

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