This is family, this is unity, this is celebration, this is sacred.

Beltane Fire Society

Family Beltane by Bartlomiej PyrzThis year’s free Family Beltane event, held in collaboration with the Scottish Storytelling Centre on Saturday 23rd April, was attended by around three hundred people. Event organiser Cat, an unstoppable force of enthusiasm, tells of a day full of joy and memory-making…

I felt very calm, relaxed and happy as I set up tables and put out dress-up clothes, art materials and some puppets for the children to play with as they arrived. I was looking forward to a nice quiet afternoon with a potential future Beltane audience! Maybe they would start coming in to the Scottish Storytelling Centre some time in drips and drabs after the 1.30pm start time or perhaps families would just happen upon our event whilst munching lunch at the lovely cafe. Maybe my mum’s flyering effort in the High Street, scant on meandering families for the fact that a cycling event was closing off the…

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