House Guardian Spell

House Guardian Spell

Honoring your house guardian

House Guardian Spell

You will need:

A crystal or statue of your choosing to represent your house hold guardian[clear quartz,rose quartz or amethyst]

Pine, Myrrh, Dragon’s Blood, Cedar, or Basil Incense

A green or Gold Candle

your wand

Be sure that you have cleansed your stones or statue so there is not negative energy clinging to it.

Place this on your altar or near it depending on the size of the Statue or Stone.

Light the candle and the Incense, stand before your altar and say: Guardian of this house hold I invite you to join me here, 

I wish to thank you for keeping my household safe through the year. 

With the Incense circle your household guardian 3 times deosil and say :I thank you for your protection of my home and everyone and everything within it that I hold dear.

Now take the candle and circle your household guardian 3 times deosil and say: I thank you for the light and warmth you surround and protect us in.

Now with the wand in your power hand circle the household guardian 3 time deosil and say: Thank you for protecting my household and all within that I hold dear, I humbly request that you continue as Guardian here. Please keep this home clear of negativity and disruptive energy and protect this home and it’s occupants continuously. I thank you for the protection, the light and love my friend. 

Now pick up the symbol of your guardian and hold it lovingly in your hands for a few moments letting your house hold guardian feel your energy and feel your appreciation. Thank the Guardian for joining you in your ritual  and place the symbol of your house hold guardian in a special place in the heart of your home and take good care of it, keeping it clean and dusted all year.